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The $200,000 - 25th Annual

U.S. Open 9-Ball Tournament
Chesapeake Conference Center
September 18-24, 2000


Cumulative Results thru Sunday
Sun, Sept, 24,  5:30 PM (EST)

Five for Earl?
Sun, Sept, 24,  5:30 PM (EST)
On Playing A Legend

Sat, Sept, 23,  2:30  PM (EST)
Strivng for Silver
Fri, Sept, 22,  8:30  PM (EST)
Quarter Century of Legends
Fri, Sept, 22,  5  PM (EST)
Pool World Meets in Chesapeake
Thurs, Sept. 21, 9 PM (EST)

by Kirstin Pires

Earl Strickland played like a man on a mission and took down an astonishing fifth US Open title in a decisive second win of the day over 48-year old Takeshi Okumura of Japan, 11-5 at the Chesapeake Conference Center in Chesapeake, Va., before an appreciative and knowledgeable crowd.

Okumura, who was undefeated until meeting Strickland in the quarter-final match, defeated the likes of Francisco Bustamante and Johnny Archer on his way to the final.

Promoter Barry Behrman provided a cart of champagne and invited the fans down to the pit area where a feel-good toast to the players and the fans preceeded
a gracious acceptance speech by Strickland. "God bless the whole world," said the five-time champion.

Strickland wins $50,000 for first place, while Okumura takes $20,000.

About this Tournament
The 25th Annual U.S. Open 9-Ball tournament kicked off Monday with a field of over 280 players and over $200,000 in the prize fund.

Billiards Digest will provide on-site coverage from Chesapeake, Va., bringing you the action from this classic event from Thursday evening through presentation of the $50,000 winner's check, Sunday evening.

From it's humble beginnings with a 16-man field in Barry Behrman's Q-Master pool room in 1976, the U.S. Open 9-Ball tournament has grown into the longest-running pro event in U.S. 9-ball - and one of the richest and most prestigious 9-ball tournaments in the world. A list of past winners of the .S. Open reads like an all-star roster. Hall-of-Famers Mike Sigel, Steve Mizerak, Nick Varner and Buddy Hall have each claimed the U.S. Open title. Allen Hopkins, Earl Strickland (a record four-time winner) and the defending champion, Johnny Archer are all in Chesapeake to try to add another U.S. Open title to their resumes. 

The '99 U.S. Open final saw Johnny Archer first admonish the table, then astonish himself as he claimed the elusive U.S. Open title. This year, he defends his title against a record 280-player field.

Barry Behrman, founder and promoter of pool's longest-running 9-ball tourney, presides over the prelude to the final match between Earl Strickland and Takeshi Okumura.

Strickland's aim was true as he shot to a record fifth US Open title.

Past US Open 9-Ball Winners

- 2000
Earl Strickland
- 1999 Johnny Archer
- 1998 Buddy Hall
- 1997 Earl Strickland
- 1996 Rodney Morris
- 1995 Reed Pierce
- 1994 Efren Reyes
- 1993 Earl Strickland
- 1992 Tommy Kennedy
- 1991 Buddy Hall
- 1990 Nick Varner
- 1989 Nick Varner
- 1988 Mike Lebron
- 1987 Earl Strickland
- 1986 David Howard
- 1985 Jimmy Reid
- 1984 Earl Strickland
- 1983 Mike Sigel
- 1982 David Howard
- 1981 Allen Hopkins
- 1980 Mike Sigel
- 1979 Louis Roberts
- 1978 Steve Mizerak
- 1977 Allen Hopkins
- 1976 Mike Sigel

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Billiards Digest's Main Event
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