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Handle With Care

Pool's "Modern Family" (Jeanette and George, with John, Chloe, Olivia and Cheyenne; not pictured, Morgan) will pull up stakes and head to Florida this summer. (Photo by Drew Endicott)

LEE HAS long outgrown the story line of the brash, cocksure New Yorker who took the sport by storm, stomping her way to the top of the women's game en route to her place as the face of the industry.

Now, she appears driven to take care of business, so she can take care of her family. And with all the changes taking place - the moving, the baby, the transition in business pursuits - Lee still knows there's a place for Jeanette at home and a place for the Black Widow to be the butt-kicking, ultra-confident star that allows her to live the life she wants.

"They're both real," she said. "Neither one of those people is fake. It's not an act. It's not like I'm pretending to be that person. When I get out there, that's 100 percent my heart. But that doesn't mean five hours later I won't be on the couch watching a movie and something will start making me cry.

"It's incredible how separate those sides are. I think the Black Widow is exactly who has made me successful in business. It's that vulnerable and sensitive Jeanette that has allowed me to have the friendships and love that's kept me grounded enough to have the people to share that success with."

In a few months, there will be one more person along for the ride. And no matter how difficult it might be to give birth to her first child, the pain is just a part of the equation. It's not something that's going anywhere, so she'll just deal with it. There's no other option.

As Jeanette will tell you, "I'm not afraid of pain. Period."

Or was that the Black Widow?

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