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Order of Finish

2001 Admiral World Pool Championship

1st place...Mika Immonen $65,000
2nd place...Ralf Souquet $30,000

3-4 (tie) Alain Martel, Chia-hsiung Lai $17,500

5-9 (tie) Marcus Chamat, Jeremy Jones, Niels Feijen, Leonard Andam $8,500

9-16 (tie) Anthony Ginn, Chin-Shun Yang, Ralph Eckert, Antonio Lining, Andreas Roschkowsky, David Alcaide, Charlie Williams, Chris Melling $4,000

17-32 (tie) Tony Drago, Kevin Smith, Gary Ponting, Lee Tucker, Thorsten Hohmann, Earl Strickland, Hao-ping Chang, Lukas Krenek, Efren Reyes, Oliver Ortmann, Troy Frank, Dmitri Jungo, Steve Davis, Johnny Archer, Takashi Toda, Satoshi Kawabata $2,000

33-64 (tie) Marc Holtz, Christian Reimering, Jorge Llanos, Alwi, Hui-kai Hsia, Nick Vandenberg, Allen Hopkins, Hisahi Yamamoto, Michael Schmidt, Fabio Petroni, Phil Harrison
Steve Knight, Radoslaw Babica, Cory Deuel, Francisco Bustamante, Kim Davenport, Alex Pagulayan, Ernesto Dominguez, John Horsfall, Sandor Tot, Tommy Donlon, Robby Suarly, Ismael Paez, Fong-Pang Chao, Johl Younger, Alex Lely, Daryl Peach, Tiong Boon Tan, Ramil Gallego, Jimmy White, Quinten Hann, Paul Potier $1,500.

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Order of Finish
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