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Tournament Coverage

by Mike Mazek Jan 11, 2002, 10:54 AM EST

The talk of the tournament was how completely dominant Jose Parica was throughout the one-pocket division. But all of that changed against Cliff Joyner in the finals, when Parica struggled and Joyner won back-to-back sets to take the Derby City Classic one-pocket championship Thursday night.

Joyner, whose only loss of the tournament came against Parica, knocked off David Matlock earlier Thursday to set up the rematch against Parica. Joyner picked up the first set, 3-0, and after Parica bought back into the tournament, Joyner finished him off with a 3-1 victory. The celebration didn't last long, however, as Joyner shook hands for a few minutes, then took on his awaiting 9-ball opponent, Jimmy Wetch.

Earl Strickland, Mika Immonen and Nick Varner were among the 9-ball players who advanced to the next round. Defending Master of the Table Shannon aulton, though, was eliminated by Hawaii's Rodney Morris. Of the 10 women players who entered the tournament, only two remain: Alice Rim and Tiffany Nelson.

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