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Tournament Coverage

by Mike Mazek Jan 11, 2002, 4:39 PM EST

Larry Price, normally a spectator in Louisville, has advanced to Friday night's slate of matches in the 9-ball division of the Derby City Classic. Price, winner of the 9-ball banks division, won a hill-hill match against Darryl Kelly earlier this afternoon to reach Round 6.

Joining Price among Friday afternoon winners is Rodney Morris, who completed one of the event's most dominating performances against young Russian gambler Evgeny Stalev, 7-0. On Thursday night, Morris eliminated defending Master of the Table Shannon Daulton.

Other Friday afternoon winners included George SanSouci, Joey Korsiak, Earl Strickland, Cliff Joyner and Shawn Putnam, whose win over Alice Rim left undefeated Tiffany Nelson as the only female participant remaining in the tournament.

Tournament Notes
One of the more surprising runs of the Derby City Classic thus far has come from Atlanta's Larry Price. The one-pocket veteran has made two previous appearances at the Derby City Classic, but as spectator/gambler only. This year, however, Price decided to enter the tournament after his losing his job. "I used to work for Chase Manhattan Bank," said Price, "but they were hurt by the Sept. 11th attacks [on the World Trade Center.]" Without work, Price once again turned to pool. "Everyone remembers me from a long time ago, when I was real good," said Price. "But I ain't play no bank pool 15 years!" It didn's show. Price shutout 2000 Master of the Table Dee Adkins, 3-0 in the semifinal of the bank-pool tournament. He then beat Louisville's-won Louis D'Marco, 3-2, in the final to claim the first-place prize. "I've just been playin' real good," he said. "I don't know what it is. I'm having fun again. "And my wife won a cue in one of the raffles. I'd say it's been a good trip."

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