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Sweet 16 Lag as Taiwan Tightens Grip on World Championship
by Mason King Jul 8, 2005, 4:47 AM EST

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, July 8 - The crowds are streaming into the Kaohsiung Business Exhibition Centre for the round-of-16 matches at the World Pool Championship, and bets are piling up for favorite Marlon Manalo.

Manalo is the last Filipino in the field in an uncharacteristically poor showing for his countryman, but his stellar play has made up for it. But the odds of seeing a Taiwanese challenger in the finals are pretty good - no fewer than five players from the host country are left in the tournament, and they're all capable of going all the way in front of the home crowd.

The matches for the day are:

Chia-Ching Wu (Taiwan) vs. Marcus Chamat (Sweden)
Cory Deuel (USA) vs. Mika Immonen (Finland)
Po-Cheng Kuo (Taiwan) vs. Roman Hybler (Czech Republic)
Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) vs. Jeremy Jones (USA)

Vilmos Foldes (Hungary) vs. Nick Van den Berg (Netherlands)
Ying-Chieh Chen (Taiwan) vs. Marlon Manalo (Philippines)
Rodney Morris (USA) vs. Jung-Ling Chang (Taiwan)
Kun-Chang Huang (Taiwan) vs. Thanh Nam Nguyen (Vietnam)

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