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Former champs still in the mix as Taiwan looms large
by Mason King Jul 9, 2005, 3:44 AM EST

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan, July 9 - We're down to the quarterfinals of the World Pool Championship, and host country Taiwan is dominating the brackets with three of the eight final slots. But there are two former world champions still in contention - 2003 winner Thorsten Hohmann and 2001 titlist Mika Immonen - and the surprisingly strong Marlon Manalo from the Philippines, who is riding a 23-game winning streak into today's match with Hohmann.

Here's the lineup for today's quarterfinal matches, to be followed immediately by the semifinals:

Rodney Morris (USA) vs. Nick Van den Berg (Netherlands)
Mika Immonen (Finland) vs. Marlon Manalo (Philippines)
Po-Cheng Kuo (Taiwan) vs. Kun-Chang Huang (Taiwan)
Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) vs. Chia-Ching Wu (Taiwan)


- Winner of Manalo/Immonen vs. winner of Wu/Hohmann
- Winner of Morris/Van den Berg vs. winner of Kuo/Huang

Oddsmaker has weighed in on the quarterfinals, and Rodney Morris is favored by a hair over Manalo:

Morris: 3 to 1
Manalo: 7 to 2
Hohmann: 4 to 1
Immonen: 5 to 1
Kuo: 11 to 2
Wu: 9 to 1
Huang: 12 to 1
Van den Berg: 20 to 1

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