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by Dec 10, 2001, 10:17 AM EST

Lee assured herself of a spot in the finals with a 7-0 defeat of Fisher.

Jeanette Lee was making things difficult for everyone. One her way to a 7-0 shut out of No. 2 ranked Allison Fisher in the semi-final match of the Cuetech WPBA Nationals, The Black Widow accomplished her task so quickly that the ESPN production crew was sent scrambling to fill up the remaining airtime.

"Did you see who put glue in my chair? quipped Fisher. Indeed, Fisher spent most of the match sitting down as Lee broke and ran the first four games. It wasn't until the fifth game that Fisher got to the table after a Lee break left all the balls up. But that was the first of only a handful of trips to the table, all of which were plagued by uncharacteristic errors.

Although Fisher had defeated Ewa Laurance convincingly, 7-2, in the previous match, Lee denied her access to the table in the semi-final. Fisher finished in third place with $5,100 while Laurance went home with $4,100.

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