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Final 64 Set In Cardiff
by Mike Panozzo Jul 16, 2002, 9:45 PM EST

The final matches of the Group Stage at the Hasseroder World Pool Championship in Cardiff brought great joy to some, shocking disbelief to others. And with the close of "Judgement Day," the field of 64 was set for the knock-out stages of pool's biggest event.

The big winner on the final day was Germany's Oliver Ortmann, who finished with six wins in seven matches, and 34 total games won out of a possible 35 to earn the top seed in the final 64. Ortmann will face England's Steve Knight, who limped in as the final qualifier.

The biggest loser was 2000 champion Fong-Pang Chao of Chinese Taipei, who lost his lone match on Tuesday, a 5-3 defeat at the hands of group winner Christian Reimering of Germany. The loss left the mighty Chao on the outside looking in.

While several U.S. players bulled their way into the final 64 - Earl Strickland and Johnny Archer won their respective groups - Jeremy Jones, Jim Rempe and Shannon Daulton squeezed in by the narrowest of margins. Jones earned his spot by relinquishing one fewer games than hard-luck Irishman Tommy Donlon. Not so lucky was New York's Frankie Hernandez, who dropped both of his Tuesday matches by 5-2 margins to finish fifth in his group. Still, the Americans will send eight hopefuls into the final 64. (Cory Deuel, Tony Robles and Charlie Williams also earned spots, although Robles technically is representing Puerto Rico.)

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Tournament Notes
Cardiff Insider
by Gary Baker

* JEREMY JONES has admitted that his game is all over the place after he just barley reached the knockout stages of the competiition.

Jones lost his first match, 5-0, to Irish qualifer Tommy Donlon and then lost again to Welsh snooker player Dominic Dale. He won four other games which put him just in the qualification zone, but then lost Evgenji Stalev.

Last year's world championships quarter-finalist managed to get through to the knockout stages by just one rack lost from Donlon and said: "I have not played my best pool at all this year but I have got through which is the main thing.

"To be honest, I've lost some because I'm struggling with my consistency. Everyone here is a good player and it's a bit of a shame that some of the guys are playing good in the qualifing tournament and not making it through.

"I tend to play bad in the early rounds and just manage to get through but I hope that I can go all the way this year."

* EARL STRICKLAND had his countryman Johnny Archer almost speechless on Judgement Day.

The Pearl has employed the same stance in his game for years and won the world crown with it. However, totally out of the blue, he changed it to play straight-on like a snooker player rather than a pool player when facing Korea's Yi-che Kuo on the TV table.

Archer was in the commentary box after qualifying easily during the day, cementing it with a 5-0 thrashing of Canadian veteran Cliff Thorburn.

Suddenly, after two racks, The Scorpion noticed that The Pearl was playing square onto the shot and said: "He's playing like a snooker player! Why has he changed his stance?"

And it was not a one-off either. Strickland, who was through his group before starting his match with Kuo, carried on and said later: "You just look for improvements in your game and, if there is anyone to copy, then you couldn't do any better than copy Steve Davis (the six-times world snooker champion)."

Needless to say, Davis was quite humble that a legend like Strickland had thought that his action could improve his pool.

* ONE OF the pool's best-known coaches held court on the public tables on Judgement Day at the Championshiips.

Bert Kinister helped a number of people to try and achieve the ultimate break shot by showing them how to do it.

However, his effort seems to have been wasted on the bulk of 9-ball players in Cardiff, as they failed to go anywhere near the correct procedure he was showing in his masterclass.

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