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Deuel Out; Harriman Stays
by Mike Panozzo Jul 16, 2003, 7:33 PM EST

Play at the 2003 World Pool Championship in Cardiff, Wales, wrapped up Wednesday with a big surprise and, ultimately, mixed results for the Americans. Heavy favorite Cory Deuel took a licking from Korea's Jang-Su Lee, losing 9-2 in the single-elimination round of 64. Meanwhile, journeyman Danny Harriman held fast against Ying-Cheih Chen of Chinese Taipei, winning 9-6 and moving on to the round of 32.

In all, the U.S. took two big hits on Wednesday, losing Deuel as well as Johnny Archer, who unfortunately drew newly minted Hall-of-Famer Efren Reyes and lost 9-5. On the plus side, however, virtual unknown Teddy Garrahan slipped by Rico Diks of the Netherlands by a score of 9-8. Also returning on Thursday will be Americans Earl Strickland, Max Eberle, and Rodney Morris.

For complete Group standings, and Final 32 pairings, visit: http://www.worldpoolchampionship.com/results.asp

Tournament Notes
Cardiff Insider
by Gary Baker

* THERE are heroes on the table but the players will surely agree, the real heroes of this sport are off it.
Two of those are Master of Ceremonies John McDonald and his young wheelchair-bound friend, Clare Evans. When not switching shirts and suits in his temporary wardrobe for his always entertaining player introductions for Sky Sports, McDonald looks after Evans, a dedicated Steve Davis fan, and wheels her around the Cardiff International Arena. Evans never misses a ball Davis shoots at the World Championships.
Now John, inbetween introducing the players on the main table, plays a massive part in helping other disabled fans enjoy the pool throughout the week.
But, as John said, the real hero is Clare herself. He said: "She has got cerebral palsey, but looked after her mum who died earlier this year herself. She's the real hero - not me!"

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