Saturday's results
by Mason King Jul 18, 2004, 1:21 AM EST

The action was intense and the atmosphere thick with patriotic fervor at Taiwan's World Trade Centre on Saturday, as no fewer than four Taiwanese players cued up in the quarterfinal rounds and two advanced to the semifinals. The ferociously partisan local fans sold out the arena and cheered as several matches went the distance, ending in 10-11 nailbiters. Here are the results:

Pei-Wei Chang (Chinese Taipei) d. Johnny Archer (USA) 11-10
Alex Pagulayan (Canada) d. Fong-Pang Chao (Chinese Taipei) 11-10
Marcus Chamat (Sweden) d. Marlon Manalo (Philippines) 11-6
Po-Cheng Kuo (Chinese Taipei) d. Ching-Ching Kang (Chinese Taipei) 11-10

Pei-wei Chang (Chinese Taipei) d. Marcus Chamat (Sweden) 11-9
Alex Pagulayan (Canada) d. Po-Cheng Kuo (Chinese Taipei) 11-4

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