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BD Mission Statement
Billiards Digest was launched in 1978 with a clearly defined purpose - to bring a burgeoning number of billiard enthusiasts their first true national magazine. Not only did the billiard industry deserve a quality magazine, the industry needed one. The image of the entire sport could be elevated if it was showcased in a professionally-produced, glossy magazine.

The objectives have never changed. Editorially, the goal of Billiards Digest has always been to bring billiard enthusiasts stories and information they simply couldn't get anywhere else. Our marketing goal has always been to showcase this great sport and industry in a manner that would draw the attention of those outside conventional billiard circles. Billiards Digest remains the only billiard publication available on newsstands and in bookstores across the U.S. It's an expensive project, but one we feel is absolutely necessary. Billiards needs to be seen on magazine racks alongside the likes of Sports Illustrated, Golf Digest and Tennis magazine.

For 20 Years, we delivered the industry's premier magazine six times a year. Why? Because, at the start, the industry couldn't support a monthly magazine, and because there simply wasn't enough real news to justify a monthly presence. We vowed never to compromise the quality of the magazine for the sake of frequency. For years, though, billiard fans and industry supporters begged us to take Billiards Digest monthly.

As we entered our 20th year of publishing the world's finest billiard publication, we did so with a new frequency and a renewed commitment, arriving at our subscribers' doorsteps and on newsstand racks 12 times a year. Why? The reasons are no different than they were 20 years ago: Because not only does the industry deserve it, it needs it! Billiards' growth, as both a sport and an industry, has led to an increased demand for news, and journalistically, Billiards Digest will continue to provide the most in-depth, objective coverage in the industry.