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In the Black


JEANETTE LEE has endorsement, licensing and appearance contracts with several firms:
King.com, a skill gaming site. In a two-year licensing deal, Lee lends the "Black Widow" brand to the site's 8-ball and 9-ball games.
Carolina Crossroads, a retail-resort development. In a multiyear endorsement and appearance deal, she promotes the facility.
ESPN. In a two-year deal, she does on-air reporting for events outside of billiards and makes appearances at company functions.
LiquidWick, a cue manufacturer and media promotions firm. In a multiyear endorsement deal, she will appear in company commercials, informercials and DVDs. The firm also will launch a Widow Master signature cue.
Bass Pro Shops, sporting goods and outdoor recreation retailer. In a multiyear endorsement and appearance deal, she attends store openings and will be used in the company's catalog.
Rocawear, urban apparel and lifestyle brand. In an endorsement deal, Lee appears in the brand's "I Will Not Lose" ad campaign.
Expert Insight, an educational media firm. In a licensing deal, she appears in the instructional video "Black Widow Billiards with Jeanette Lee."
SBS Broadcasting, a Korea-based media firm. In a licensing deal, she sells a Black Widow line of jewelry via www.TVShopPlus.com.
Lee's regular clients for appearances include the U.S. military; SAS (software development); UBS (investment banking); and Gatorade.
While not strictly promotional, Lee regularly appears in made-for-TV pool events produced by Billiards International, and pool tournaments staged and broadcast in Korea by Dragon Promotions.

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