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Deconstructing the Jump Shot

What's worth noting in this freeze-frame progression of a jump stroke is how everything stays relatively still. From the final practice stroke (on the left) on through the delivery of the cue into the cue ball (far right), Tony has kept his entire upper body in almost the exact same position throughout the execution of the shot. Also, note the consistency in where his head and bridge remain from start to finish.

The key to a successful jump shot is accelerating the cue into the cue ball. The natural tendency, since you are stroking toward the bed of the table, is to clench up right before impact. This will doom any chance of getting the cue ball over a blocker. When you are about to pull the trigger, tell yourself to "pop" or "punch" the cue ball with a firm stroke. Don't be afraid to hit the cue ball firmly to get it in the air.

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