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Fujiwara, Takuys Earn Lucasi Invites
Jul 15, 2008, 3:58 PM

In the first qualifiers for the Lucasi Hybrid Invitational Classic, Sato Takuys earned spots in both the 10-ball and straight-pool events. Neil Fujiwara won a spot in the 10-ball tournament, and Bobby Garza punched his ticket in straight pool.

The Lucasi Invitational set for July 30-Aug. 3 at Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, Fla. will feature professional events in 10-ball and straight pool, alongside the Ozone Billiards U.S. Amateur Open.

Sato, who hails from Japan, won the 14.1 qualifier by defeating Garza in the final. With two spots available, both men advanced to the pro tournament. Sato also posted the highest run of the tournament, running 42 straight.

In the 10-ball event, where two spots in the field of 48 were up for grabs, Sato again proved to be the class of the hopefuls. He advanced to the final, where he lost to Fujiwara. The two will be among a 10-ball field that boasts top names like Johnny Archer, Mika Immonen and Dennis Orcollo.

Dragon Promotions, producers of the event, hope the qualifying process will be a way to increase support among the local pool community.

"It will be great for the fans there to root on their hometown heroes," said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions.

More information on the Lucasi Invitational can be found at www.dragonpromotions.com. Tickets can be purchased by calling Bankshot Billiards at (904) 998-2100.