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Bonus Money Added to Pot at Lucasi Hybrid Classic
Jul 23, 2008, 7:06 PM

Cue & Case, creators of the Lucasi Hybrid Cues, has announced a promotional bonus will be available at the Lucasi Hybrid Classic held July 30-Aug 3 at Bankshot Billiards in Jacksonville, Fla.

Any player that wins a pro, junior or amateur event while using the Lucasi Hybrid cue and wearing the Lucasi logo will receive an extra $1,000 bonus.

Lucasi patches will be available for free at player registration during the events. Also, Lucasi products will also be on display and for sale throughout the event.

"Players over the years have helped build our name and our company, and we want to reward them for their support and achievements. It's important to invest into the sport on all levels, and that's why we are creating opportunities for pros, amateurs, and juniors alike." said Mike Baggett, Cue & Case vice president.

The 11 divisions qualified for the $1,000 bonuses are:
- Lucasi Hybrid Classic 14.1 and 10-Ball pro tournaments
- The Ozone Billiards U.S. Amateur Open 8-Ball Divisions, including open, women's and seniors
- The Ozone Billiards U.S. Amateur Open9-Ball Divisions, including open, women's, seniors and mixed doubles
- The Dragon Promotions World Junior 10-Ball Championships

Open spots are still available in all the events and players are encouraged to sign up at the event in person.