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Rodriguez Rakes First Predator Win
Jul 29, 2008, 5:44 PM

Rodriguez is set to jump up from 10th in the tour points.
Jorge Rodriguez snapped off his first Predator 9-Ball Tour stop at Master Billiards in Queens, N.Y., over the weekend. Rodriguez, currently ranked 10th on tour, defeated top-notch opponents, but won his final match due to a forfeit.

The Sang Lee International Open, one of the top three-cushion events in the world, was being held in Flushing, N.Y., just a few miles from the Predator stop. And, when Shin Park advanced to the final match, he had to forfeit due to previous commitments with the caroms tournament.

Regardless, Rodriguez showed he was worthy of the title, moving into the hot-seat match opposite Park, where he was defeated, 9-2.

In the one-loss final, Rodriguez faced Tony Robles. Falling behind quickly, 5-0, Robles worked his way back into the match, eventually closing within one game at 8-7. After a Rodriguez miss, Robles was left with a tricky cut on the 6 ball. The Silent Assassin pocketed the green ball, but also let the white ball find a pocket. Robles conceded the match, giving Rodriguez the title.

Predator 9-Ball Tour
Master Billiards - Queens, N.Y.

1. Jorge Rodriguez $900
2. Shin Park $650
3. Tony Robles $450
4. Mika Immonen $300
5. (tie) Shaun Wilkie, Mhet Vergara $200