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Reyes crowned King of the Hill
Dec 4, 2005, 9:39 PM

Prior to the International Pool Tour giving Mike Sigel the nickname of "Mike the Mouth", he was simply known as "Captain Hook". After Sigel's match against Efren Reyes on Sunday at the IPT's King of the Hill Invitational 8-Ball Shootout, he might want to start calling himself "Captain Hooked". Sigel found himself in that very position numerous times in the match, and not always after a Reyes safety.

The first set of the best two out of three match saw Reyes dominate Sigel on his way to an 8-0 win. Multiple times Reyes came up dry on the break but Sigel found himself without a good shot to get a run started. Unfortunately, on the rare times that Sigel did have a shot, he couldn't get any momentum going.

The second set started out the same with Reyes racing to a 4-0 lead until he came up dry on the break in the 5th game and Sigel negotiated a very complex table run to get on the board at 4-1. Sigel was able to then string together back to back table runs to get back to 4-3 but got a little careless while running out the next rack and ended up giving Reyes a chance at the table which Reyes capitalized on. Sigel won the next two games to tie the score at 5-5, and then the nerves started to set in as both players suffered surprising missed shots in the 11th game. Reyes was the first to get control of table and win the game for a 6-5 lead, and he then cruised through the final two racks for the 8-5 win.

Reyes earned $200,000 for first place (the highest prize for first place at a pool tournament in the history of the game), while Sigel settled for $100,000 in second place prize money.