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Shane Van Boening Wins Windy City Pro-Am
Jan 8, 2007, 9:38 AM

Shane Van Boening was sitting pretty in the hot-seat in the Windy City Open Pro/Am 9-ball event, and there he remained, unscathed. After a B-side match between Jesse Bowman and Jeff Beckley, Bowman earned a trip to the final to face Van Boeing. Although both players played a strong game, Van Boeing came out on top.

Sunday, Jan. 7 marked the culmination of the 2007 Windy City Open. Some of the results are included below.

Bank Tournament
13 Players
1st Danny Harriman $1000
2nd Chris Gentile $500
3rd Neal Jacobs$300
4th Shane Van Boeing $200

Senior 9-Ball
25 Players
1st Henry Brodt $350
2nd Lyn Wechsler $220
3rd Ed Latimer $150
4th Gerald Nelson $100
5th-6th Mike Roque $75
Morie Walker $75

Open League 8-Ball Singles
44 Players
1st Russ Belcher $300
2nd Mike Sterling $200
3rd Rob Nelson $160
4th Glenn McCants $120
5th-6th John Yniguez $90
Mike Corbett $90

Ladies Open League 8-Ball Singles
9 Players
1st Mary Costello $130
2nd Mollie Pearl $80
3rd Wendy Ady $60

WCO Open 9-Ball
73 Players
1st Tommy Hernandez $1,575
2nd Duncan Kaufman $975
3rd Duane Tuula $725
4th Tom D’Alfonso $500
5th-6th Alan Fredrich $300
John Smith $300

Women’s Open 9-Ball
22 Players
1st Joanne Ashton $750
2nd Donya Bundy $400
3rd Mollie Pearl $300
4th Bev Ashton $225
5th-6th Kassy Werner $125
Gina Knight $125

Pro/Am 9-Ball
9 Players
1st Shawn Van Boeing $800
2nd Jessie Bowman $500
3rd Jeff Beckley $300
4th Kenny Putman

WCO Senior 8-Ball
21 Players
1st Kelly Emmons $495
2nd Herold Roberson $295
3rd Bob Pisut $200
4th Ray Hernandez $100

WCO Women’s 8-Ball
28 Players
1st Angie Voorhees $825
2nd Pam Patton $500
3rd Amy Latzko $300
4th Sabrina McCormick $225
5th-6th Jessica Friedres $125
Kathleen Hanna $125

WCO Open 8-Ball
108 Players
1st Dennis Hatch $1750
2nd John Smith $1000
3rd Jamie Fenton $750
4th Jesse Bowman $ 500
5th-6th Jeff Buckley $350
Shane Van Boeing $350