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Chris Bartram Voted 2007's “St. Louis” Louis Roberts Award Recipient
Jan 23, 2007, 4:56 PM

Every year, the online pool community asks its members who deserves the Derby City Classic “St Louis” Louis Roberts Action and Entertainment Award. As this year's Derby was a veritable gambler's convention, the race was tight, but Chris Bartram took the crown for most entertaining action player in 2007.

According to the Louis Roberts Action & Entertainment Award committee, over 40 votes were received with Bartram receiving the most votes overall, followed by Shane Van Boening, Jon (Pinegar) Hennessee, and Harold McAbee.

The following text was taken directly from the online forum:
"Bartrum was in high-profile action every day of the nine day pool & billiard jamboree. Players often say that matching up and putting ones heart on the line lends to great improvement in play, forcing players to play their best game. No savers, no dumps. Just ask anyone who the great action players are, and most will point the Filipinos, a group notorious for being in constant action as a part of their life and livelihood. Chris Bartrum took noteworthy steps in that direction, showing the world that the Americans still have gamble in them. Among his many matchups, Bartrum twice took on Filipino sensation Dennis Orcollo in 10-ball, he battled UK 8-ball Champion Darren Appleton in an 11-ahead set of 9-ball, and he had several other multi-hour sets throughout the duration of the event. Chris had backing from several of his fellow players, and he backed other players as well.

Though somewhat quiet and reserved around the pool table, Bartrum never failed to attract a large crowd whenever he was in action. And the award is all about entertaining the crowd, however the winner accomplishes that task. Congratulations Chris on this well-deserved honor.


The Louis Roberts Action & Entertainment Award Committee