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WPBA Announces Two New Venues; Improved Televised Coverage
Feb 13, 2007, 3:30 PM

After several years in Albuquerque, N.M., the Women's Professional Billiard Association will be holding its U.S. Open in Lincoln, Rhode Island. A new convention space is currently being added to Lincoln Park and when the WPBA arrives, it will only be four months old and ready for world-class billiard action.

The second new venue will replace Peoria, Ill., where the Midwest Classic has been held. It will now be held at the Riverwind Casino located just outside of Oklahoma City.

According to WPBA President Linda Chen, "This region of the country has a strong billiard community and the WPBA is excited about building a tradition in Oklahoma."

Chen reported in her January/February letter that the most significant change for the upcoming 2007 season will be how players and events "unfold on television." All televised events in 2007 will be produced by Winnercomm, America's largest independent sports production, program development, marketing services and sales representation company. Winnercomm supplies over 1,500 hours of programming annually to ESPN and 13 other national television networks, and has earned 13 Emmy Awards.

"Through the season, Winnercomm will cover more tournament play and fans will see highlights to show how the players who reach TV got there. You will hear more from the players than you have in the past. Winnercomm will present the entire match. While you may not see every shot of every game, Winnercomm will "package" games that may not previously have aired due to time constraints. This new addition will allow each of you to see great shots from the tournament, not to mention new graphics," Chen wrote.

The Carolina Classic will kick off the 2007 season Feb. 21-25 at the Gateway Convention Center in Rocky Mount, N.C.