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Cha and Immonen Win Brunswick Korean Pro Tour Championship
Feb 15, 2007, 9:37 AM

In the second annual Brunswick Korean Pro Tour Championships Yuram Cha and Mika Immonen wowed the crowd with stunning performances in the final

Cha beat her sister, Boram, in the semifinal, Boram's first TV debut, to advance to the final aganst Kyoko Sone. Sone is ranked third in Japan, while Cha is the No. 1 Korean woman pool player. Both fought for their country in front of a standing-room crowd. Cha came out the gate strong, taking the first four racks. It was no contest, but finally Sone caught a break with Cha missing and leaving an easy 7, 8, 9 on table. Sone missed the first shot and sat while Cha quickly ran to the 9 ball, took a deep breath, and fired it in the hole for the victory.

The TV networks were advertising the event as "The Last Event of Yuram Cha before She Goes to USA". Yuram didn't disappoint and will be leaving Korea with a bang.

On the men's side, Mika Immonen seemed unstoppable. Getting stronger every match, he obliterated Japan's Takano, 7-1, to reach the final against World Champion Ronnie Alcano. Alcano beat Japanese rookie Kenji Masauchi, 7-2, to earn his rite into the final.

Alcano, who won the title last year in Korea, seemed destined to defend his title when he pocketed the 9 ball on the break in the first game. But Immonen just laughed it off in his chair and came back with a break and run. Both players looked hungry, trading racks until the score was knotted, 3-3. Finally, Immonen caught a break and took the lead for the first time at 4-3. The rolls started to go sour on Alcano as Immonen crept up to a 6-4 lead. Immonen seemed completely focused and supremely confident as he shot, kicked and broke and ran his way to the hill. The final game saw Alcano push to an off-angle bankshot on the 1 ball. Immonen did not hesitate in taking the bank and fired it cross-side. After the ball dropped, it was only a matter of minutes before he ran out for the win. Pumping his fist in triumph after the final 9 ball dropped, Immonen couldn't contain his joy and satisfaction on a well played event.

"I've been working so hard on my game and training in the gym. I know this is no accident me winning here," he said.

Cindy Lee, President of Dragon Promotions, noted that the Korean Pro Tour Championship is Immonen's seventh win in Dragon Promotions events.