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Hohmann Eliminated; Moore Advances at Turning Stone Classic
Feb 24, 2007, 2:48 AM

The brackets are beginning to shake out at the Turning Stone Classic VIII, and a big name has dropped to the floor with a resounding thud: Thorsten Hohmann.

Considered by many to be the top player in the world over the last 18 months, Hohmann brought about his own demise Friday night in his hill-hill, loser’s bracket match with little-known 60-year-old Marty Ciccia. After fighting back from 6-3 to tie the match at 8-8, Hohmann accidentally drew the cue ball into the corner pocket after sinking the 7. Ciccia then coolly ran the final two balls for the victory.

“I was scared for those last two shots,” said Ciccia, a professional mason by trade and infrequent tournament competitor. “If you blow it there, it’s embarrassing.”

Hohmann, who hasn’t played up to his normal speed in his last several events, was philosophical about the loss. “Sometimes you lose because you aren’t prepared … and sometimes you just lose. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

The road doesn’t get much easier for Ciccia, who must face Mike Davis next on Saturday. “I know – another tiger!” Ciccia laughed.

Over on the winners’ side, the match to watch Friday night was between former world 9-ball champ Mika Immonen and surging Southerner Stevie Moore, most recently the winner of the Derby City Classic’s bank pool division. But spectators were hardly rewarded with the ensuing sloppy match on the stingy Diamond tournament tables. Moore took advantage of Immonen’s frequent flubs and forged an 8-4 lead. The next rack was the match in a nutshell, as Immonen inadvertently knocked the 6 ball out of position on his 5-ball shot, then missed a bank on the 6, watched Moore hang the 8, and then scratched on his own shot at the hanger. Immonen conceded at that point.

The major players who joined Moore in the ranks of the undefeated Friday night included Jose Parica (def. Tony Ruberto, 9-8), Johnny Archer (def. Randy LaBonte, 9-3), Warren Kiamco (def. Eddie Vazquez, 9-6); and Joey Korsiak (def. Dennis Hatch, 9-7). Lurking quietly in the winners’ bracket was youngster John Morra (def. Hongsavady Vongxay, 9-4), who looks primed to make some noise against the big boys.

The $25,000-added event, held at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, N.Y., will conclude on Sunday night.