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The WPBA announces new points system for 2007
Mar 13, 2007, 9:17 AM

The Women’s Professional Billiard Association has created a new points structure in an effort to provide a more accurate reflection of the performances of the players within the relevant tour season. Point values have been increased, and players who are eliminated with two losses receive less points than a player who is eliminated after their first loss.

“This move aligns the WPBA with the point structures and format with that of mainstream sports, allowing more fans to understand the 'chase' to the top and captivate their interest,” said Linda Chen, WPBA President.

“The new structure will be a true reflection of a player’s performance,” said Belinda Campos-Calhoun, committee chair and recent inductee into the WPBA Hall of Fame. “The new point distribution is more equitable and rewards players who are consistent performers, and distinguishes those players who advance to the final 16 with a loss from those without a loss.”

These changes have been reflected in the April issue of Billiards Digest. For more detailed information on the new points structure and how the new structure affects the currents rankings, please visit WPBA.com.