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IPT Announces New Schedule for World Open Payments, Qualifier Refunds
Sep 7, 2007, 12:03 PM

Kevin Trudeau, founder of the International Pool Tour, announced in an August 21 open letter to all tour players that all remaining unpaid prize money from last year's World Open 8-Ball Championship will be delivered by December 15.

One year after the tournament event ended with players waiting for their checks, players have received 55 percent of the $3 million promised them by the IPT. According to the new payment schedule, players will receive the remaining 45 percent in four monthly installments. The first checks will be shipped out September 15, according to Trudeau's statement.

"I think a year or 18 months is a very long time," said Tour Director Deno Andrews. "I’ve been lobbying to get the players paid in full by the end of year."

Though the payments should occur "on or about" the 15th of every month, the schedule is subject to change.

“Obviously we’ll see as it progresses, but I’m satisfied that something is on the schedule so that players are being told they will get their money,” Andrews said.

Regarding the hundreds of players who paid significant entry fees to qualifying events for 2007 tournaments, Trudeau outlined a plan for players to be refunded.

Players that took first or second in a qualifying tournament will receive a complete refund and free entry to all, if any, IPT events through 2013.

Players who did not finish in the top two have a choice. They can accept a full refund, and pay entry into any future IPT events. Players can also refuse a refund for free entry into all, if any, IPT tournaments through 2013.

Refunds of qualifier fees are scheduled to be paid in six monthly installments beginning Sept. 30.