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WPC Update: Island Fever: Deuel Stricken With Mysterious, Flu-like Symptoms
Nov 9, 2007, 12:51 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Cory Deuel, the last American still in the field at the World Pool Championship, woke up early Friday morning with intense, flu-like symptoms, including sweating, chills, headache and intestinal distress.

“It started this morning,” Deuel said at 12:30 p.m. Manila time, three hours before the round-of-16 matches were set to start at Araneta Coliseum. “Either I’m freezing cold or I’m sweating. I think I ate something bad yesterday. [Maltese player] Tony Drago said he felt the same way, and we both ate at this Italian restaurant.”

Deuel consulted a doctor at the Intercontinental Hotel and was prescribed some medicine for his malady.

In the habit of waking up early and then hanging out at the Coliseum several hours in advance of his matches, Deuel sat just outside the main arena early Friday afternoon, almost doubled-over. In addition to his symptoms, he had two angry mosquito bites on his arms.

Deuel was able to advance to the round-of-16 at the WPC with a miracle comeback late Thursday against Taiwanese player Chang Jung-Lin.

“The guy played great,” Deuel said. “He just never missed a ball. He broke perfect and made three or four balls every time. Finally he made one mistake.”

Chang faced a jumpshot with the 3 hanging in the pocket. He inadvertently hit the blocking ball, giving Deuel ball in hand. He proceeded to run out the set, winning 10-9.

Deuel was set to play Taiwan’s Kuo Po-Cheng on Friday evening.

“At least I play late, so maybe I’ll start feeling better,” he said.