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Kaiser Seals Deal For Team Europe
Dec 16, 2007, 8:36 PM

After 11 tours with Team Europe in the annual Mosconi Cup, Ralf Souquet finally realized the exultation of pocketing the Cup-clinching 9 ball, defeating Rodney Morris, 6-4, to earn the Euros just their third Mosconi Cup title in 14 years.

Souquet’s win gave Team Europe, which had entered the final day with a 9-6 advantage, split four matches with Team USA to close with an 11-8 margin of victory. Shane Van Boening and Earl Strickland kept U.S. hopes alive with wins over Russian Kostantin Stepanov and Brit Daryl Peach, respectively. But Tony Drago’s 6-3 win over Johnny Archer put the Euros on the hill, and Souquet put the finishing touches on the upset.

“You win as a team,” said Souquet, who was mobbed by his teammates, “and, as I know well, you lose as a team. But it was a great honor to be the one to pocket the final 9 ball at the Mosconi Cup.”

“We really didn’t play well at all this year,” said Team USA’s Johnny Archer. “And I, personally, played absolutely awful. I really hurt our team this year.”