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BD Teams With RunoutRadio.com to Review Year in Pool
Jan 2, 2008, 1:20 PM

The collapse and uptick of the IPT. Shane Van Boening’s rocket-like rise, and America’s overall decline. The sudden dearth of prize money, and yet another multi-million dollar scheme to save the game.

What were the top stories of 2007 in the pool world? Who were its most fascinating players, both on and off the table? Where do we go from here, after one of the loopiest — and ominous — years in recent memory?

In this week’s edition of the online billiards news show Runout Radio, Billiards Digest managing editor Mason King joins regulars Mike Howerton and Jerry Forsyth to rehash the last 365 days in pool and draw some big conclusions about the state of the game.

On Episode 16, available for listening at any time on www.runoutradio.com, King reveals BD’s picks for Players of the Year and analyzes the trends that will continue to shape the pool world in 2008. The discussion veers from the action trenches of Louisville, Ky., to the world championship in Manila, Philippines, and casts a critical eye on an industry that is reeling from an economic downturn and even greater competition for recreation dollars.

Whether you agree or not, get in on the discussion at runoutradio.com, and then voice your own opinions on the BD Cue Chalk Board online forum.