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A Perfect 10

It's impossible to ignore the rise of 10-ball in recent years. With 9-ball having its share of controversies - the soft break, racking rows, etc. - this relatively new discipline has been trumpeted as a more pure rotational game. While favored by many professionals, 10-ball has plenty to offer all students of the game.

For our spring instructional special, we've reached out to Darren Appleton, Mika Immonen and Kelly Fisher, three monster players who each won a WPA World 10-Ball Championship, to help you get your game in gear.

With advice from these three - and a breakdown of the rules from Bob Jewett - we're hoping a little insight from world-beaters will help you conquer your next open table.

10-Ball Home Page
Bob Jewett: Know the Rules
Darren Appleton: Break It Open
Kelly Fisher: The Pro's Game
Mika Immonen: A Walk Through