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In Progress: Hopkins 9-Ball Shootout
Aug 8, 2008, 5:22 PM

Orcollo has a five-rack lead after three rounds.
A dozen of the top professional have gathered to chase a $20,000 first prize at this weekend's Allen Hopkins 9-Ball Shootout in Valley Forge, Pa. In a slightly unorthodox format, players will compete in a modified round-robin stage to decide who moves onto the single-elimination semifinal matches.

There will be six rounds in the group stage, with each match a best-of-25. Rankings will be based on the total number of games won, with break and runs used as a tie-breaker. Match-ups are decided on a round-by-round basis, with the No. 1 seed playing the second-ranked player, No. 3 playing No. 4, and so on.

However, players will only be allowed to match-up once in the group stage, so the later rounds might produce some unexpected matches.

Currently, Dennis Orcollo leads the pack with 49 games won (out of 75). The Filipino jumped ahead of the pack with a devastating 22-3 win over Evan Broxmeyer. Archer is second with 44 wins. And although Archer topped Orcollo, 13-12, on Friday afternoon, the Scorpion picked up just one game in the overall standings.

Corey Deuel also has 44 wins. In his first match on Friday, Deuel collected the last five racks against Stevie Moore for a 15-10 win. He is scheduled to face Orcollo at 7 p.m. (EST).

The group stage will continue through Saturday evening. The semifinal and final matches are set for Sunday afternoon.

The Action Report will be broadcasting selected matches throughout the weekend. For more information, visit www.TheActionReport.com .

Each player has posted a $5,000 entry fee, producing a total purse of $60,000. Top prize will be $20,000; runner-up is worth $12,000; two third-place finishers will receive $10,000; and those who fail to advance to the knockout stage will pocket $1,000.

Standings After Three Rounds:
1. Dennis Orcullo 49
2. Johnny Archer 44
3. Corey Deuel 44
4. Marlon Manalo 41
5. Shane Van Boening 39
6. Stevie Moore 39
7. Dennis Hatch 38
8. Francisco Bustamante 38
9. Tony Chohan 36
10. Matt Krah 31
11. Daryl Peach 28
12. Evan Broxmeyer 21