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World 10-Ball Championship Postponed
Sep 26, 2012, 6:44 AM

In a statement distributed Thursday, Sept. 26, PRISM - Raya Sports announced that the World 10-Ball Championship will not be held in two weeks as previously scheduled.

The release from Raya Sports, the promotions firm that has held three World 10-Ball Championships since 2008 states: "Due to unavoidable circumstances and the unexpected unavailability for now of suitable billiards table equipment here in Manila, we, the Board of Directors of PRISM Raya Sports want to officially announce that our company will not organize and stage the 2012 WPA World Ten Ball Championship ... as planned on October 9-14."

Offering no further details beyond an inability to secure tables, Raya Sports has cancelled the 10-ball event just two weeks before it was set to kick off. Undoubtedly, the majority of players have already made travel plans, including 16 of the world's best who will be in Poland competing at Matchroom Sport's World Pool Masters.

BD is awaiting responses from WPA President Ian Anderson and Raya's Yen Makabenta.