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Archer on Top at Valley Forge
Mar 26, 2003, 11:28 AM

Archer ended a long dry spell at Valley Forge
Rodney Morris wowed the crowd with a spectacular, length-of-the-table cut shot on the 2 ball in his hill-hill match against Johnny Archer in the finals of the Brunswick Pro Players Championship ... and then promptly blew an easy cut on the 4 in a corner pocket. Archer, who had kept the heat on The Rocket all match, quickly wiped up the table to earn his first major championship win in more than a year.

Archer felt a year's worth of frustrating, close-but-no-cigar finishes lift from his shoulders. "Any time you win a tournament, it takes the heat off of you," he said. "It doesn't make 'em any easier, that's for sure, but it does take a little bit of pressure off, because now in the back of your mind you know you can do it, so if you get there again, just go ahead and perform again."

The tournament was held March 21-23 in conjunction with the Super Billiard Expo in Valley Forge, Pa. The Expo also hosted an eight-player round-robin event featuring top women pros. Helena Thornfeldt and Karen Corr emerged from the pack and faced off in a two-set final. Corr dominated the first set and capitalized on a rash of Thornfeldt
scratches in the second to win, 6-3, 6-4.