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Davis Registers High Run in Derby Straight Pool Challenge
Jan 10, 2007, 9:36 AM

Bob Jewett has fronted the cash again for a second $10,000-added straight pool challenge, in progress since Sunday, Jan. 7. The game is 14.1 continuous, and players invest $100 for 12 attempts over the course of four days. Those among the top will have a shot at the final. Additional incentives include a $1,000 bonus upon reaching a run of 200 balls or more, and another $1,000 at the end for the overall high run.

In the "century club" so far are Germany's Ralf Souquet, Johnny Archer (107) and Mike Davis, who registered the highest run thus far at 151. Other high runs were posted by defending champion, Danny Harriman, with 85, and U.S. Open winner John Schmidt, who tallied 89.

Jewett is not only donating the prize fund, he's also administering the event in the chapel of the Executive West Hotel. Surely a 200 run is in the prayers of players, as the watermark form last year's inaugural event only reached 139.