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Dan Louie recovering from surgery after collapsing at U.S. Open
Oct 19, 2007, 4:01 PM

CHESAPEAKE, Va. ó Former collegiate and world all-around champion, Dan Louie, 55, is currently recuperating from surgery after collapsing during a match Thursday afternoon at the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship.

Rushed to Chesapeake General Hospital, Louis underwent exploratory surgery Thursday evening. Doctors discovered Louie had been suffering from internal bleeding, though it had stopped by the time of the surgery, according to Danís brother Lincoln Louie.

Still unsure of the cause, doctors said Louie will remain in the hospital for at least five days to undergo further tests. He is currently in the intensive care unit at Chesapeake General.

Louie has a history of health problems, and underwent a kidney transplant and dialysis about 13 years ago, though there is no indication that this episode is related.

Louie held a 2-0 lead over Josh Burbel in the losers-bracket match when he sat down and signaled friend Jeff Jimenez for help. According to Jimenez, Louie collapsed in his arms, where he was unconscious for a brief time.

Louie recently retired after years as a restaurateur in the Seattle area. He is married with four children.