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Derby City 9-Ball Down to Six
Jan 12, 2008, 6:39 PM

Louisville, Ky. -- As the Derby City Classic heads into its final evening, only six players remain in a field that started with 400-plus players.

In the tenth round, Germany's Ralf Souquet, a two-time winner in this event, beat American star Shane Van Boening for the second time in three rounds. Souquet, who will face Ryan Stone in the 11th round, still has the option for buying back.

Former U.S. Open champion John Schmidt also has the luxury of the buy back. He sent Stevie Moore out of the tournament in round 10 with a tough fought 7-5 win. He will face Michael Dechaine in round 11.

The final pairing matches one-pocket division winner Gabe Owen against Filipino superstar Francisco Bustamante. Owen has already bought back in, while Bustamante has not.

Owen leads Bustamante by just 24.6 points in the standings for the $20,000 Master of the Table award. Following the eliminations of Alex Pagulayan and Larry Nevel, the all-around championship is a two-man race between Owen and Bustamante.