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Kicking, Part 2

Place balls 9-11 as shown. From the cue ball position, start by trying to make full contact with each object ball. A couple pointers for starting out: 1) Strike the cue ball at dead center, or just below; and 2) Use a firm stroke. Once youíve developed a feel for making contact, make it interesting by attempting to cut the balls into Pocket X. These shots will come in handy, as any good opponent will try to put the object ball on the opposite end of the table from your cue ball when playing safe. You also can try to see how far along the short rail you can hit using maximum left English and kicking the cue ball an inch behind the side pocket (see dashed line). Youíll be able to hit the 9 and maybe the 10, but not the 11. [Courtesy Nick Varner]