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Dear Jeanette
By Jeanette Lee
International billiard icon ďThe Black WidowĒ answers your questions about life, love, and everything else that happens in the poolhall.

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September: Image & Irks
September 2011
Q. Pool gets a bad rap, with the gambling and everything. Is there room for the family-oriented image to exist with the hustler-type idea?
Travis N.; New Orleans, La.

A. Absolutely. Think of pool like TV. There are a variety of shows ó some are good, clean family shows and others are more adult-oriented. People surround themselves in whatever environment they want. There are still smoky rooms and gambling, but pool is also one of the most common forms of in-home recreational. Pool is a game for everyone, and I love that!

Q. Do you have any pet peeves when youíre playing in a poolhall?
Julie C.; Ames, Iowa

A. I donít like seeing people put drinks on the pool table; I donít like people who start talking when you are down on a shot; and I donít like when people put chalk down on the table upside down. We all have peeves, but know that people almost never try to annoy you. They just donít know. Handle them with love. Education and tolerance is much better than impatience and contempt.