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Dear Jeanette
By Jeanette Lee
International billiard icon "The Black Widow" answers your questions about life, love, and everything else that happens in the poolhall.

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December: No I in Team?
December 2012
Q: I've been playing on a team for years. Recently, though, I've lost the desire to play. The more I think about it, the less I want to stay on the team. Can you give any advice on how to break it to them? I don't see myself hanging out with them outside of pool, so is there an easy way to say goodbye?
Kevin A.; Georgetown, Ont.

A: I think they will understand if you just tell them. Have a bit of quiet time; maybe grab lunch or dinner so you can let them know in a fairly private setting. It's important that you show them sincerity. It's a bit trickier if you plan to join another team. In that case, I don't think there's a way for them not to be offended. Either way, a bit of tactful honesty is the best route. I'm sorry you've lost the desire. Perhaps a new team will help. I might also suggest setting some goals for you and for your current team. Think about where you want your game to be, how you want to help be a part of a better win/loss percentage for your team, etc. Having something to shoot for might just help create some new energy among you and your teammates. Whichever way you choose to go, good luck!