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Dear Jeanette
By Jeanette Lee
International billiard icon "The Black Widow" answers your questions about life, love, and everything else that happens in the poolhall.

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June: Proper Preparation
June 2010
Q. With our team playoffs fast approaching, how can I as team captain give us the best chance to win?
Dan Bardier; Lewiston, Maine

A. I would start setting up competitive practice matches, if possible. This method of training allows you to coach your team to prepare for the next opportunity and to remain positive and supportive of each other. This is in stark contrast to analytical practice, which includes questioning your teammates' decisions and discussing previous shots. When you are in battle, there is no time to discuss why you missed. You just keep shooting with all that you have - reload and keep firing until the other team is down. At that point, you can start working on refining your skills and strategy - but never during the war. I think teams can spend too much energy telling each other what they should've done. The last shot is gone. Focus on the present and get your teammate ready to be deadly on the next shot. Stay in the present and your whole team will be prepared for any opportunities in the future. This approach can help eliminate pressure because a player won't be questioning if you approve of his decisions.