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Dear Jeanette
By Jeanette Lee
International billiard icon "The Black Widow" answers your questions about life, love, and everything else that happens in the poolhall.

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April: Cavorting with customer?
April 2008
Q. I manage a poolroom and have taken a strong liking to one of our regulars, "Angie." We flirt for fun, so I assume she thinks I'm at least a decent guy. I'd like to ask her out, but I'm concerned that 1) If things go poorly, we'll lose a good customer; 2) I'll feel some pressure to give her free table time; and 3) Our relationship will only be about pool. Is mixing work and dating a good idea?
[location withheld]

A. There's a reason why people say, "Don't mix business with pleasure." It's because there are risks, sacrifices that will be made. You have to decide whether or not you are interested in her enough to take those chances. Losing a good customer is one of those risks. Giving her table time is not something she should expect, although you should feel free to buy her a drink out of your pocket. Or cover her time when she plays pool with you. This way, you are being a date/boyfriend by treating her, but you are also not hurting the business by taking away part of their regular income that she contributes to. But mostly, I would keep your dates outside the poolroom. Keep it fun and take advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other better. It'll be a nice escape for both of you. One thing for sure, because of the risks, I would take more time getting to know her as a friend before you ask her out. Good luck!